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The cooperative model: intermediary for eco-innovation and sustainable development

Would you like to know more about the co-operatives’ potential role in eco-innovation through social capital theory and as intermediary actors that create spaces and processes of interaction? 


What is Coop Academy?

Coop Academy is an International Cooperative Alliance -European Union Framework Partnership Agreement (#coops4dev🌍) capacity building and sharing knowledge initiative that aims at offering participants from all over the world the possibility to attend different training sessions.

Through the different online training sessions participants will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills, knowledge while improving their processes, and resources on different topics.

The training topics will be strongly linked to International Development and the impactful role of cooperative toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Each session aims to:

  • Improve knowledge and skills
  • Stimulate innovation and growth
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Inter-regional communication
  • Further develop participants’ knowledge concerning the cooperative model and movement in relation to the SDGs and International Development

Selection of Participants

First come first served

Due to the nature of the training, the numbers of participants will be limited to maximum 100 people. 

The participants will be selected on the principle of: First come first served.

Out of the 100 available places, 20 will be reserved for ICA staff members. The other 80 will be divided between the 4 ICA regions (20 places per region). Gender and generational aspects will always be taken into consideration. 

If one region will not full fill the 20 allocated seats, the remaining ones will be equally divided among the other regions.

Our Commitment

Pay it Forward Mechanism

All Coop Academy sessions will be free of charge for all the selected participants.

We are really happy to provide you with capacity building sessions that will improve your knowledge and skills on different topics. However, through Coop Academy, we would like to start a pay forward mechanism which is entirely on voluntary bases.

What is the pay forward mechanism? It is a commitment from our side to provide you with quality training sessions, and from the side of the participants to help and support their local cooperatives through different methods? How can you support your local cooperatives and be part of the pay forward mechanism?

  • Make a financial donation to a local cooperative
  • Become a volunteer to help a cooperative and/or a cooperative project of your interest
  • Become a mentor and offer your skills and knowledge to co-operators that may need it
  • Any other way that you would like to support

We would really like to give visibility to those actions. Share with us what you did for you local cooperative by filling the form bellow (through for instance videos, pictures, and/or a short text) and we will share it on social media to spread the dynamic and inspire others!


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